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July 21, 2019

Noli Me Tangere por Jose Rizal

Titulo del libro: Noli Me Tangere

Autor: Jose Rizal


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This book has cost the life of its author, Jose Rizal, who was shot by the Spanish in the Philippines in 1896. It is a deeply anticlerical novel that reflects with humor but also with humor and irony the provincial and oppressive life of that colony In The past nineteenth century. Just two years after Rizal"s execution, Spain would lose its overseas possessions. The young Filipino heir Chrysostom Ibarra returns to the archipelago after a few years of training in Europe, having spent some time in Switzerland and Spain. The death of his father in prison and the circumstances of his burial will awaken in the are the feeling of hatred towards the omnipotent Father Damian that will end up carrying his doom. A story strikingly similar to that of Rizal himself.