La Oscura Inmensidad De La Muerte Massimo Carlotto pdf lit doc

September 22, 2019

La Oscura Inmensidad De La Muerte (
                                                    Novela negra                                                
                                                ) por Massimo Carlotto

Titulo del libro: La Oscura Inmensidad De La Muerte

Autor: Massimo Carlotto

ISBN: 9788496580534

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La Oscura Inmensidad De La Muerte fue creado por MASSIMO CARLOTTO, y la editorial es EMECE. esta escrito en CASTELLANO. y esta en el genero ( Novela negra ) y tiene 170 paginas. Registrate ahora y teb acceso a cientos de libros gratis para su descarga gratuita. El libro esta disponible en PDF, doc, epub, texto, audiolibro y muchos mas formatos. El registro es gratis.

The dark immensity of death has been awarded the Grand Prix of the Roman Noir ├ętranger of Cognac. The most important black novelist in Italy. A criminal kidnaps a woman and her eight-year-old son during a robbery. Soon he kills them. His name is Raffaelo Beggiato and will be sentenced to life imprisonment while his accomplice manages to escape. The husband and father of the victims, Stefano Contin, does not get ahead and for fifteen years will be obsessed with the idea of what he calls "The dark immensity of death." She changes her life, leaves her job at a prestigious firm, and becomes dependent on a supermarket. He does not relate to anyone, staying all the free time he has alone at home watching television contests, or looking at photos of his family"s corpses. The only thing he has in his head is revenge and he is about to launch a Machiavellian plan ...