El Modo Alemán De Hacer La Guerra Robert M. Citino pdf lit doc

April 25, 2019

El Modo Alemán De Hacer La Guerra por Robert M. Citino

Titulo del libro: El Modo Alemán De Hacer La Guerra

Autor: Robert M. Citino


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For Frederick the Great of Prussia, the recipe for war was simple: Kurz und Vives (brief and energetic), wars that were carried out with quick, decisive and decisive military operations. Robert Citino accompanies us on an exciting journey through the Prussian and German military history in order to show us how those main ideas were reproduced again and again in the Napoleonic wars, the war with Austria in 1866, the Franco-Prussian War and the two world wars. Citino focuses on the operational level war to demonstrate a continuum in German military campaigns since the time of the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm, and his extraordinary "sleigh ride" against the Swedes, up to the time of Adolf Hitler and the blitzkrieg. At the same time, it highlights the role played by the Prussian army when it comes to raising a small and vulnerable state to the rank of power, feared and respected throughout Europe. Important intellectual and warrior figures of the statute of Schwerin, Derfflinger, Seydlitz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Blücher, Clausewitz, Moltke, Schlieffen, Hindenburg, Seeckt, Guderian or Manstein contributed to it. Throughout its pages, Citino immerses us in the analysis of the great battles of the German-Prussian tradition such as Fehrbellin, Mollwitz, Hohenfriedeberg, Rossbach, Leuthen, Zorndorf, Jena, Eylau, Leipzig, Waterloo, Koniggratz, Mars-la-Tour, Saint Private, the Marne, Tannenberg, Lodz, and campaigns such as the White Plan (Poland), the Yellow Plan (France) and Operation Barbarossa.