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November 17, 2019

El Libro De Saladino por Tariq Ali

Titulo del libro: El Libro De Saladino

Autor: Tariq Ali


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In the last days of his life, Saladino, still active politician and military, orders an educated young man to write his biography and take care of writing his chronicle. But the young man chosen, Isaac Ibn Yakub, will not only transcribe what is dictated, but also be concerned about details of the youth and personal life of Saladin that the sultan pretends to keep hidden, and will also be witness Important political developments. Combining an "external" narration, Ibn Yakub"s chronicle, and the letters he crosses with his relatives, Tariq Ali adds to Yadub"s story, Yakub"s own love for a courtier. The life of women in Saladin"s court is one of the least known and least present in the chronicles of the time, is another of the issues that contribute to make El libro de Saladino an original and interesting work. As in A shadow of the pomegranate, and perhaps with a more finished literary form, Tariq Ali once again raises a theme of great validity: religious intolerance as the origin of absurd warlike conflicts.